Wiman films with antimicrobial additives control the spread of fungi (mold and mildew), algae, and other microbes, and minimize discoloration, odor, and physical damage to surfaces.

A wide variety of organic and inorganic antimicrobial solutions, including silver-based grades, are available from Wiman. Our engineers can recommend the best microbe fighting technology to meet your application requirements.

Antimicrobal film

Inorganic antimicrobials offer high stability and low volatility. They reduce the risk of microbe adaption and provide long-lasting effectiveness. Organic antimicrobials are less long lasting and some can lead to microbes developing resistance. For both types of antimicrobial additive, better efficacy is achieved at higher loadings, whereas lower loadings minimize cost. Select grades are FDA compliant.

Typical applications that can benefit from antimicrobial treatment include medical devices, sporting goods, consumer products, or any application exposed to an outdoor environment.