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Extruded Films and Extrusion Laminated Fabrics for Design Flexibility and Innovation

About Wiman

Wiman Corporation is a privately held extruded film and extrusion lamination fabric manufacturer with the experience to help customers develop innovative custom solutions. Founded in 1961, Wiman Corporation focused on plasticized PVC and today manufactures polyolefins, TPEs, and engineering polymers. Our parent company, RTP Company, is a leading global compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics with facilities and resources worldwide.

Wiman has a competitive edge on productivity and responsiveness.


Wiman has 4 locations in the US that include flat die extrusion, extrusion lamination and coex blown film for bags. Depending on the polymers and process, we can make product:

  • 2 – 125 mil thick

  • Up to 62” wide

  • Smooth or matte surface

  • Up to 4-layer film and/or fabric combination

  • Additives to customize film (color, laser marking, FR, antistatic, slip, other)

Wiman has the experience and know-how to navigate through the complicated supply chains in a wide variety of markets.


The Flexible Company 

The Flexible Company 

The Flexible Company 

The Flexible Company 

The Flexible Company 


Automotive / Aerospace


ID / Security / Smart Cards

Industrial, Sports & Recreation

Lighting, Printing & Graphics


Why Wiman?

Flexible solutions for a diverse range of markets and applications.

Broad range of flexible thermoplastic films, rigid thermoplastic films and film laminates, bags, tubing and sheets.

Custom Engineered Properties


Wiman films are available in a wide variety of solid and transparent colors, we can precisely match your specific colors as well as adding aesthetic effects.


Wiman can impart a wide variety of three dimensional, textural embossed finishes to many types of rigid and flexible plastic films.

Antistatic & Conductive

Wiman can engineer many types of plastic films to deliver a range of electrical properties from antistatic to highly conductive. Properties are permanent and non-sloughing.

Flame Retardant

Wiman can custom produce films with flame retardant and/or reduced smoke generation properties, in combination with other desired properties such as color and conductivity.

Weather - UV Resistance

Wiman is expert at producing films that stand up to weather & UV radiation, and can protect the aesthetics and integrity of signage and outdoor products, keeping clear areas clear and colors bright.

Security - Customization

Wiman films are available in laser markable grades for customization. Laser marks can be gray scale on light colors or white on dark colors. Laser mark can also be raised/tactile. Wiman also offers films with micro-taggants to uniquely identify parts and discourage counterfeiting.


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