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Wiman Corporation supplies extruded film and extrusion film/fabric laminates to a variety of downstream processors for a broad range of markets.

We customize our products to meet the needs of the entire supply chain in a partnership mode. Many of our markets/applications are used in pressurized, inflatable and fluid containing devices.

End Use Markets

Customer Processes

Die Cut & Seal





Automotive / Aerospace

Wiman’s entire range of materials in film or laminate have use in automotive applications.

We are ISO certified and experienced in the PPAP process.


Wiman custom films and fabric laminates are used for pressurized, inflatable, and fluid containing medical devices.

ID / Security / Smart Cards

Wiman CPX-9000 Copolyester, Polycarbonate, and PVC films are used in the card industry. Wiman films help to create functional and durable cards. Custom films can aid in improving.

Industrial, Sports & Recreation

Wiman films and laminates are used in a range of applications in this broad market category.

Lighting, Printing & Graphics

Excellent gauge control, layflat, and uniform surface finishes make Wiman films a great choice for printers.

Wiman Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and PETG Copolyester films add color, function, and diffusion to commercial lighting fixtures.



Our bags are used in food processing as barrier packaging for gas flush and long hold storage. Our barrel and box liners are FDA food contact certified.


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