Wiman headquarters

Thanks to its hundreds of satisfied customers, many of whom have been working with the company for decades, Wiman Corporation has grown significantly since its founding in 1962, as a division of mail order pioneer Fingerhut.

One of the Fingerhut brothers’ first business endeavors was manufacturing and selling plastic seat covers for automobiles, and they named the resulting film company they founded Wiman, a combination of the first few letters of each of their given names, William and Manny. They built the Wiman headquarters and manufacturing facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Over the years, Wiman expanded its portfolio of specialty plastic films and moved into additional markets. Long a “family” business, Wiman was purchased by a 40 year Wiman employee and two close associates in 2000. They moved Wiman to a new, modern, site in nearby Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. After several years of continuing success, the company was acquired by world class specialty compounder RTP Company, itself a privately-held, entrepreneur-run business with an outstanding reputation in the plastics industry.

RTP Logo

Today, Wiman Corporation is a premier film manufacturer with the experience and expertise to help customers develop innovative custom solutions for any plastic film application. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you succeed.