Why is Wiman so unique?

Simply stated, we take our tagline “the flexible company,” to heart. We are willing to develop products for our customers that are uniquely theirs. Sure, it might be easy to manufacture our products in a cookie cutter, big box fashion. But that’s not what our customers want—or need.

We work closely with and listen to our customers to make sure they are pleased every step of the way. Providing outstanding service is one of our key strengths—once we have a customer, we don’t lose them.

We’ve been manufacturing plastic film for more than 50 years and we have amazing longevity among our employees. Their length of service has allowed them to become specialists, truly experts in the development of our products. Our entire team feels a tremendous sense of loyalty toward our customers and pride in the quality of our products. Our products are so individualized that we consider them works of art. The raw materials are all top-of-the-line and we can more carefully control and monitor quality by combining and processing the materials right here at our own plant.

Polymer films

We have our own in-house dry blending equipment to produce many forms of PVC plastic film. This unique system gives us the ability to formulate and control the exact required ingredients utilized in each plastic film product. We can react quickly and don’t have to rely on others for formulations and compounds.

In the dry blending operation, the liquid chemical is absorbed into the plastic, not just driven onto the surface. The dry blending involves less heat than compounding, which can stress the compounds and reduce the life of the end product.

A great part of our success has been our ability to formulate products to new and existing market needs. We don’t have to rely on outside vendors to make our compounds. We can literally change a formulation for a compound overnight. This gives us a competitive edge in product creativity, development, timing and pricing.

When you work with Wiman, you’re working with the flexible company.