Toll Manufacturing or Contract Manufacturing? What’s the difference? You say tomato, we say toma(h)to. We like ‘em both.

If you have a new or existing film or film laminate, and need start-up capacity, or additional capacity, or help with product development and launch, Wiman can help. We’ve been making films and laminates since 1962. And unlike many specialized film companies that handle only one or two polymers, we routinely handle polyolefins, to PVC, to polyurethane to polycarbonate.

Just look at our line card. We’re flexible!

  • Bring your recipe. We’ll convert them to film or film laminates, charging only for our conversion service.
  • Bring some of your ingredients. Example: bring your fragile barrier film and we’ll laminate it with our sturdy carrier film.
  • Bring your recipe. We’ll source all of the materials and produce finished film or film laminates. We’ll even package with the boxes and labels that you prefer.
  • Or bring your ideas and we’ll assist with product development and testing. We bring pilot to commercial capability. Toll / Contract manufacturing with Wiman:
    • Incremental sales without additional capacity, labor, or floor space
    • Predictable cost
    • ISO 9001:2015 Facilities
    • Experienced technical, manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics teams

Discuss your project with one of our sales staff to learn how Wiman can help you succeed.