Wiman customizes films properties to your specifications to meet demanding market needs such as industrial products and equipment. Specialty films and laminates are used in the building and construction industry to create unique lighting and appearance effects, where cost and weight are often key considerations.


Industrial, Building & Construction Applications include:

Water/ Chemical/ Pharmaceutical/ Nuclear

  • Potable (NSF) Water Tank Liner
  • Plating Tank Liner
  • Drain Blockers and Waste Dams
  • Glove Box Containment
  • Clean Room Enclosures
  • Containment Bladders (Fuel, Fire Water, Waste)

Building & Construction

  • Translucent Architectural Panel Films
  • Non-vinyl Ceiling Tile Film
  • Vinyl Ceiling Tile Film
  • Decorative 2D and 3D Furniture Foils
  • Static Dissipative Flooring
  • Light Fixture / Light Diffuser


  • Press Brake Die Film
  • Air Flow Control Divider
  • Micro-embossed Lens
  • Military Polymer Composite Armor
  • Military Helmet Pads

Discuss your project with one of our sales staff to learn how Wiman can help you succeed.