Wiman can custom produce films with flame retardant and/or reduced smoke generation properties, in combination with other desired properties such as color and conductivity.

The technology of flame retardant thermoplastics is complex. While some resins are inherently flame resistant, others need special additives to minimize propagation of smoke and flames. During the development process, our engineers consider all aspects of the application demands including base polymer selection and film thicknesses.

In custom producing a flame retardant film solution, Wiman works closely with the RTP Company R&D Group, experts at producing film that meets UL 94 and other test parameters. We can provide certification that individual thermoplastic compounds are compliant with RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC) or other specific environmental regulations, and offer a family of halogen-free films that can help meet compliance challenges for your application.

Burn test with a non flame retardant material

Burn test with a flame retardant material

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