Pinhole-free laminates, produced inline with no adhesives to meet your most demanding specifications

Unlike the majority of laminate producers who combine a pre-manufactured film with a fabric or second film by means of an adhesive, Wiman uses direct extrusion lamination, which combines two (or more) components in an inline process. For example, a textile material can be fed onto hot, freshly produced film as it exits the extruder. The components are bonded together mechanically, smoothly and evenly.

Film laminates

The advantages of inline lamination are numerous:

  • Wiman extrusion laminated film is pinhole-free and is ideal for air, fluid, and gas bladders. Conventional off-line lamination with adhesive may pull, tear, and distort cold film in the lamination process which often results in pinholes.
  • Eliminating adhesive means smoother, even material with no “glue bulges” that can cause a “boardy” hand, no underglued spots that can delaminate, and no concerns over the purity, odor, or biocompatibility of an often “unknown” adhesive. Eliminating adhesive reduces a key source of product variation in laminated films.
  • Single site film production and lamination means a shorter, streamlined supply chain with reduced transportation costs, and single source accountability.

Wiman can customize extrusion laminated films and fabrics in many permutations, even creating a “sandwich” of film/fabric/film, or fabric/film/fabric. We are expert at combining our films with textiles including:

Many of these laminate films can be incorporate a host of engineered properties. Typical film coatings are PVC vinyl, TPU polyurethane, EVA/polyolefin blend. Other polymers are available. Film coatings can be thin or thick. 0.005” to 0.050” is a typical range.

Discuss your project with one of our sales staff to learn how Wiman can help you succeed.