Polycarbonate Film

Durable, tough, clear, heat resistant polycarbonate film is a leading choice for secure cards & documents, labels, decals and floor graphics. Point of purchase signs, reflective panels, and thermoformed packaging are often made from polycarbonate film.

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Wiman manufactures pinhole-free polycarbonate film from 0.001” to 0.012” and up to 62” wide in the following finishes and special properties:

  • Gloss:Matte finish
  • Matte:Matte finish
  • Suede finish
  • Corona treatment of one or both sides offered
  • Wide “master” rolls and slit-to-width narrow rolls. Sheeting by special arrangement.
  • Clear, Transparent, Translucent, Opaque colors
  • Halogenated and Non-Halogenated (no chlorine or bromine) Flame Retardant grades
  • UV Resistant grades
  • Electrically conductive and static dissipative alloys with PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). Black-only.
  • Laser Markable – gray scale
  • Laser Engravable – raised mark

Wiman generally offers lower minimum order size and faster delivery than the major polycarbonate film suppliers. We use the same high-quality resins and additives. Let Wiman develop custom polycarbonate film specific to your requirements. We also can toll extrude your proprietary polycarbonate formulation into film for you.