Wiman is the leading manufacturer of American made radio frequency RF Weldable Loop Fastener.

Using our extrusion lamination process, we directly apply Unbroken Loop to PVC / Vinyl, TPU / Polyurethane, and EVA/polyolefin films without adhesives. This provides the cleanest and most consistent hook compatible laminates.

RF Welding application of Loop Fastener eliminates adhesives and solvents which are potentially messy, odorous, and inconsistent. RF Welding application of Loop Fastener is neater and more economical than sewing. It is ideal for air and fluid containing bladders where punctures must be avoided.

Wiman RF Weldable Loop Fastener is available with your choice of vinyl, polyurethane, or EVA/polyolefin backing for optimized RF Welding to your garment, device, or enclosure.  Custom widths from 1” to 60” are available in loop weights from 2 ounces to 6 ounces per square yard.

Custom Roll Widths

Custom roll widths from 1 inch to 60 inches wide

Product Image

Deep vein thrombosis cuff with Wiman RF weldable loop fastener outer surface

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